Wedlock is an electronic indie synth pop act originally formed circa 2004 by vocalist Paul Allgood and programmer Jeff Hathaway in Richmond, VA. Together they released 2 EPs on Kounterfeit Records , Matrimony in 2006, followed by Cuts Both Ways the following year. Allgood relocated to NC and formed a live version of the band with keyboardist Jonathan Kidder. Bassist Kirk Bryson and Guatemalan drummer David Mendez completed the line up. Their full length debut, Exogamy ,was mainly recorded as trio minus Mendez. Several months on, the record had garnered little notice save for some critical reviews, until their single “Black Sundress” briefly landed in Amazon’s top 10 for digital downloads. Continuity appeared in fall of 2009 with a new line up featuring Baxter Smith(keyboards), Lee Whitsel(bass), and briefly Ana Mitchell on drums. As a trio, Allgood, Smith, and Whitsel finished as runners up in an Indie Band Of The Year competition held by a Canadian e-zine for their work on Continuity. 2010 also saw the writing and production of the Blameless EP for Richmond singer Bryanna Rain, but by the time of their own EP release Witnesses that summer, the band had dissolved. After a hiatus, and brief collaboration with former band mate and multi -instrumentalist Jason Bowden as Celadon Candy, Allgood teamed with keyboardist Chris Scendo and resumed writing new Wedlock material with an aim toward a new studio release along with live dates. 2015′s Critique, with songs conducted by Irish composer Paul Cecchetti, was their most recent work until retrospective Defacto saw a limited release in February 2019.